Mechanical Engineering


Dr. S. B. Kumbhar

Dr. S. B. Kumbhar

Assistant Professor

Department:Mechanical Engineeering

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Ph.D. (Mechanical) (2020)

Shivaji University, Kolhapur

M.E. (Mech.Design Engg.) (2004)

Shivaji University, Kolhapur

B.E. (Mech.) (1999)

Shivaji University, Kolhapur


Teaching Experience: 17 years


Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Sakharale


Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Sakharale

Research Area(s)

  • Vibration control 
  • Smart Materials 

Key Publications

A) Publications (in international journals)

  • Ranjit A. Patil , Santosh B Raneand Samir B Kumbhar, “Investigation on dynamic behaviour of shape memory alloy(SMA) wire embedded composite”, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 1136 (2021) 012024, H-Index 44, IOP Publishing.
  • Sushant Magdum, Samir Kumbhar, Karanam Venkata Mangaraju, Venkatesh Govindan, “Drum brake noise reduction”, International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration, Vol. 16, Nos. 1/2, 2020, H-Index 16, Inderscience Publication
  • Samir B. Kumbhar, S. P. Chavan, S. S. Gawade, “ Adaptive Tuned Vibration Absorber based on magnetorheological elastomer-shape memory alloy composite”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (100), 208-223, 2017 (Elsevier Publication) H-Index 115, Impact Factor: 4.12
  • Samir B. Kumbhar, S. P. Chavan, S. S. Gawade, “Dynamic performance analysis of magnetorheological elastomer- shape memory alloy composite”, Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies, Vol. 5, No. 6, December 2017, P.P.557-568H-Index- 9
  • Samir B. Kumbhar, S. P. Chavan, S. S. Gawade,“Two Way Stiffness Tuning of Magnetorheological Elastomer- Shape Memory Alloy Composite”, Materials Today: Proceedings, 5 (2018) 13211–13219, (Elsevier Publication),  H-Index- 11
  • DayanandG.Potdar, SanjaykumarS.Gawade, Samir B.Kumbhar “ Design of MR Elastomer based Adaptive Tuned Vibration Absorber”, Journal of Basic and Engineering Research(2015), pp.481-485
  • Samir B Kumbhar, Dr. S. S. Gawade, Y.S. Patil, “Application of Magnetorheological Elastomer to Vibration Control in Rotor System-An Experimental Approach, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Sciences, 4(2) July-December 2011, pp. 47-51, ISSN 0974-584X
  • Y Siddha Uttam, Samir B. Kumbhar, Natural Frequency Analysis of Automobile Seating Syatem by using FEM Software, International Journal on Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, Vol.1, 2013, pp. 93-98
  • S. B. Kumbharet. al, Design and Development of Robot Gripper: Shape Memory Alloy Approach, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, Vol.3 Issue 3, March, 2017, pp- 19-25.
  • Bhujbal Nitin B, S.B. Kumbhar, ,Optimization of Wall Thickness and Material for Minimum Heat Losses for Induction furnace by FEA, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology(IJMET), Vol.4, Issue 2, March 2013, 418-428

B) Publications /Presentation(in peer-reviewed conferences held in India) 

  • Dr.S.S.Gawade, Swapnil A. Chavan Samir Kumbhar “ Dynamic Behaviour of  Composite Beam Embedded with Shape Memory Alloy Wires” International conference on Advanced nonmaterial’s& Emerging Engineering technologies” (ICANMEET-2013) Orgnized by Sathyabama University, Chennai, India in association with DRDO New Delhi India, 24th -26th July, 2013
  • D .J . More, S .B .Kumbhar, An Experimental Study on Shift in Natural Frequency of Sandwich Beam with Elastomeric Core Embedded with SMA Wires, International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials & Emerging Engineering Technologies" (ICANMEET-2013) organized by Sathyabama University, Chennai, India in association with DRDO, New Delhi, India, July 2013, pp-592-596.
  • Gawade P. G. ,Dr. S. S. Gawade, Kumbhar S. B., Patil A.V. “Experimental validation of  Vibration localization in Rotating & stationary member”. Proceeding of 3rd international conference on Advances in mechanical Engineering, Jan 4-6 2010, organised by S. V. National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat
  • K.D. Mali, S.B. Kumbhar, “Dynamic Performance analysis of annular disc for different aspect ratio”, International conference on Advances in machine Design and Industry Automation at college of Engineering Pune in January 10-12, 2007.
  • NikhileshPawar, Samir Kumbhar, Improvement in the Wear Strength of Spur Gears of the Machine Tool Gear Box Using Tooth-sum Gearing, 3rd International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology (ICRTET’2014), March-2014, pp- 44-50.
  • Veerkumar R. Chaugule,  Samir B. Kumbhar, Static and Dynamic analysis for HOOD structure of Paper Machine by using FEM Software,International Conference on computational Intelligence & Advanced Manufacturing Research, (ICCIAMR)  Vol.2. 2014.
  • Vivekanand S. Sarade,  Samir B. Kumbhar, Design and performance evaluation of axial piston pump for 65 LPM flow rate, International Conference on Computational Intelligence & Advanced Manufacturing Research, (ICCIAMR) Vol.2 2014, pp-206-211.
  • Bharat Pathak, Samir Kumbhar, Enhancement of Fatigue life for the nozzle of low temperature reactor vessel by using FEA, International Conference on Computational Intelligence & Advanced Manufacturing Research, (ICCIAMR) Vol.2 2014, pp-183-189.

C) National Conference

  • S.S. Gawade, S.B.Kumbhar, V. P. Mali, “Vibration Analysis of Annular Disc With Periodic Uniform radial Cracks While Disc Is Clamped At Inner Edge And Free At our Edge”, Proceeding of National Conference on Advanced Trends in Mechanical Engineering(ATME-10), organized by P.V.P.I.T., BudhgaonSangli, on 30th March, 2010, p.p. 79-82.
  • K.D. Mali, S. B. Kumbhar, “Vibration Analysis of Annular Disc with FEM Software” in National Conference on “Emerging trends in Mechanical Engineering”, at BMSCE, Bangalore on 10-11th Feb;2006 .
  • K.D. Mali, S. B. Kumbhar, “Vibration Analysis of Annular Disc”National Conference on “Recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering”, at COE, Pandharpur on 23-24 Dec 2005.
  • S. S. Gawade, Gawade P.G., S. B. Kumbhar, “Experimental validitation of vibration localization in rotating and stationary members”, National conference in recent trends in process and product design, R.I.T.,Rajaramnagar during 21st -22nd March 2009
  • Kumbhar S.B., Watpade P.S., Magnetorheological Elastomer Based Adaptive Tuned Vibration Absorber, 2nd National Conference on Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering (NCRTME - 2017), WCE Sangli,  May 2017, pp-132-138.

D) Patent 

i) Patents (Filed) 

    • VIBRATION ABSORBER SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING/MINIMIZING VIBRATIONS” Application Number: 2605/MUM/2014 Status: Request For Examination Date : 18/11/2015  Published in Patents office Journal Date : 04/03/2016   Pg. No. 9808  (Waiting for examination)
    • SMA ACTUATOR SYSTEM FOR BATTERY TEMPERATURE CONTROL Application Number: TEMP/E-1/33216/2019-MUM Status: Final Specifications submitted

Professional Distinctions

  • Member of ISTE
  • Reviewer of International Journal
    • Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (Springer)
    • Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering (Taylor and Francis)

Key Research Projects

  • Completed RPS project as Co-PI Title: Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Potential of Magnetorheological Elastomer Embedded with Shape Memory  Wires as a Vibration Absorber for Structural Applications