Mechanical Engineering


Mr. C. A. Waghmare

Mr. C. A. Waghmare

Assistant Professor

Department:Mechanical Engineeering

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Ph. D. (Pursuing)

Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum 

M.E. (2009)

Shivaji University

B.E. (2000)

Shivaji University


Teaching Experience: 18 Years


Assistant Professor, RIT, Rajaramnagar

Research Area(s)

  • Electrical Discharge Machine 
  • Nontraditional machining processes 
  • Machining and Forming analysis 
  • Material science

Key Publications

A) Publications (in international journals)

  • Chandan Waghmare, M.S. Sohani and Shailesh Shirguppikar “Surface Integrity of EN8 steel machined on Electrical Discharge Machine using Fuzzy approach; An Investigation”, The IUP journal of Mechanical Engineering Volume XIII No.4 November 2020 pp 45-61. (Published)
  • Fahad Kazi, C.A Waghmare, M.S Sohani, “Optimization and Comparative analysis of Silicon and Chromium Powder-mixed EDM process by TOPSIS technique”, Engineering and Applied science research, Thailand. (Published)
  • Fahad Kazi, C.A Waghmare, M.S Sohani, “Multi-objective Optimization of Machining Parameters in Hybrid Powder-mixed EDM process by Response Surface Methodology and Normalized Fuzzy Logic Algorithm” International Journal of Interactive Design and Manufacturing, Springer. (Under review)
  • Fahad Kazi, C.A Waghmare, M.S Sohani, “A Comparative analysis of Surface Roughness in Single and Hybrid Powder-mixed Electric discharge machining process” Journal of Engineering science and Technology review. (Under review)
  • Fahad Kazi, C.A Waghmare, M.S Sohani, “Multi-Objective Optimization of Aluminium Powder-mixed EDM process using GRA and TOPSIS Technique based on Fuzzy AHP approach” Journal of Applied research and Technology.(Accepted - 7 May 2021)
  • C.A.Waghmare, M.V.Kavade, “Investigation of effect of cutting parameters on residual stresses developed during milling operation, International Journal of Engineering Science Research, Vol-2 Issue 5 Nov-Dec 2011 (467-471) 
  • Y.B.Kumbhar,C.A.Waghmare, “  Tool  Life And Surface Roughness Optimization Of TiAlN/TiN Multilayer Coated Carbide Inserts In Semi Hard Turning Of Hardened En31 Alloy Steel Under Dry Cutting Conditions”, International Journal of Advanced Engineering Science Research July-Sep.2013 (22-27) 
  • S.R.Patil ,C.A.Waghmare , “Optimization Of MIG Welding Parameters For Improving Strength Of Welded Joints, International Journal Of Advanced Engineering Research And Studies (14-16)

B) Publications (in Indian journals)

  • S.V.Dafade, C.A.Waghmare, “  Optimization Of Process Parameters In Electro Chemical Discharge Machining, Journal of Basic And Applied Research, (1339-1343)

C) Publications /Presentation(in peer-reviewed conferences held in India) 

  • P.A.Patil, C.A.Waghmare, “Optimization Of Process Parameters In Wire EDM Using Response Surface Methodology, 10th International Conference On 1st June 2014 ( 110-115)
  • A.B.Pawar, C.A.Waghmare, “Improving Productivity By Reducing Cycle Time Through Value Stream Mapping In Pump Manufacturing Industry, Proceeding Of 7th IRF International Conference At Pune, (25-28) 
  • P.A.Patil, C.A.Waghmare, “A Review On Advances In Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, Proceedings Of The International Conference On Research And Innovations In Mechanical Engineering At Ludhiana (86-90) 
  • P.B.Gavali, C.A.Waghmare, “ Experimental Investigation of PMEDM process with chromium powder suspended dielectric on MRR, TWR and surface roughness, International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2013

D) National Conference

  • Suraj P.More, C.A.Waghmare, “Low Cost Automation Of Fettling Shop” , RIT N Con PG-16 (730-735) 
  • Nikhil D. Nalavade, “Effect of rake angle and cutting speed on cutting force, tool life and tool vibration of AISI 1020 steel on CNC turning by using single point cutting tool, RIT N Con PG-17 ( 589-593)
  • Sourabh S. Patil, C.A.Waghmare, “Comparison Of Various Support Structures Manufactured By Direct Metal Sintering Process” RIT N Con PG-16 ( 726-729) 
  • Nilesh R. Shende  , C.A.Waghmare, “Experimental analysis of residual stresses developed during metal inert gas (MIG) welding of AISI 202 stainless steel” , RIT N Con PG-17 ( 594-599)
  • S.R.Ingole, C.A.Waghmare, “Productivity Improvement By Using Value Stream mapping”,  National Conference For Engg. Post Graduates (566- 571) 
  • P.B.Gavali, C.A.Waghmare, “ A Review on effect of polarity change in EDM”, National Conference on Recent Advancements in Engineering ( NCRAE-12) (120-122)

Professional Distinctions

  • Member ISTE
  • Member ISAMPE 

Key Research Projects

  • Experimental investigation of changing polarity in powder mixed electric discharge Machining.
  • The effect of process parameters on characteristics of welded joint in MIG welding process.
  • Tool wear optimization in dry turning of hardened EN31 alloy steel using TIAlN coated Carbide Inserts.
  • Optimization of Process Parameters in Wire-EDM using Response surface Methodology
  • Improvement in productivity through Value Stream Mapping at Split case pumps.
  • Optimization of process parameters in electrochemical discharge machining
  • Low cost automation of fettling shop at Sound Castings Pvt.Ltd
  • Manufacturing and comparison of complex components through Direct Metal Laser Sintering and conventional methods
  • Experimental and simulation based analysis of residual stresses developed during the Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding of AISI 202 stainless steel
  • Effect of rake angle and cutting speed on cutting force, tool vibration and tool life of AISI 1020 steel on CNC turned by using single point cutting tool