Mechanical Engineering


Mr. M. V. Pisal

Mr. M. V. Pisal

Assistant Professor

Department:Mechanical Engineeering

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Ph. D. (Pursuing)

Shivaji University, Kolhapur

M.E. (Mech.) (1999)

Shivaji University

B.E. (Mech.) (1993)

Shivaji University


Teaching Experience: 21 Years

Assistant Professor, RIT, Rajaramnagar.

Board Advisory- TGP Bioplastics

Industrial Experience: 4 Years

Trainee Engineer, Bajaj Auto Ltd.  

Maintenance Engineer, Merind Ltd.(Tata Enterprise)

Maintenance Engineer, Patheja Forging Ltd.

Tech. Consultant, Nath Agrotech & Sudarshan Agrotech

Research Area(s)

  • Agro processing
  • Production
  • Biodegradable Plastic

Key Publications

A) Publications (in international journals)

  • Design ,development and Optimization of Manufacturing process for Free flow Jaggery Powder- Indian Journal of Sugarcane Technology, Volume 35(01),16-28, IISR,Lucknow. June 2020(UGC Approved).
  • Mathamatical modelling of Thin Layer Vacuum drying of Jaggery- Indian Journal of Sugarcane Technology,Volume 35(01),1-11, IISR,Lucknow.  June 2020(UGC Approved).
  • Multi objective Optimization for Dehydration of Jaggery by Grey Relational Analysis-International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology-Scopus, H-5,June 2020.Volume 29,No.11s, pp3023-3037.
  • Experimental Investigation and multi objective optimization of Pin Mill for pulverizing Jaggery by Grey Relational Analysis- Solid state technology ,scopus,H-22. published in Nov.2020,  Volume 63,issue 6, pp 4319-4338
  • D.S.Chavan & M.V.Pisal,”Performance Testing of Modified SI Engine for Neat Ethanol”, International Journal of Engineering, Sciences Research IJSER, vol. 02, issue 4, July 2011.

B) Publications /Presentation(in peer-reviewed conferences held in India) 

  • M.V.Pisal, “General Aspects of Excellence in Manufacturing” , International Conference on Processing & Characterization, ICMPC – 2012
  • M.V.Pisal , ” Optimization of Welding Process &  Consumable Selection” ,International Conference on Processing & Characterization , ICMPC - 2012,

C) National Conference

  • M.V.Pisal  ,” Bio Gas Upgrading Technologies”, National Conference on Recent Trends in Energy Engineering& Management, NCRTEM-2007, TKIET , Warnanagar.
  • M.V.Pisal , “Solar Energy: Present Scenario in India” ,National Conference on Recent  Developments in Wind & Solar  Power, July 2011 , JNCT Bhopal .
  • M.V.Pisal , “Potential & Key Issues in Non Conventional Energy” , National Conference on Recent  Developments in Wind & Solar  Power, July 2011 , JNCT Bhopal .
  • M.V.Pisal , “Application of Value Engineering in SME” , National Conference,  MSMECON- 2011, Institute of management & Technology, Nagpur.
  • M.V.Pisal , “Cluster: A Vehicle for SME Development”, Chronicle of the Neville Wadia Institute of Management & Research , ISSN 2230-9667 ,Feb.2012.
  • M.V.Pisal, “Review of dehydration & Dryer generation” , MERME-2016, RIT
  • M.V.Pisal, “Experimental Investigation of Dehydration of Jaggery”RIT PG Conference

Professional Distinctions

  • Life member of ISTE
  • Life Member of ISTD.
  • Life Member of ISAMPE.( Indian Society for Advanced Materials & Processing Engineering)
  • Life Member of ASTI- Association of Sugar Technologists of India, Lucknow.

Key Research Projects

  • Extraction of essential oils from aromatic plants.
  • Jaggery manufacturing plant of 10 TCD.
  • Development of technology for manufacturing free flow Jaggery powder.
  • Development of technology for Sweet Potato Powder.
  • Presently working on Manufacturing Biodegradable Plastic.

  • Project funded by RGSTC-Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology corporation with funds Rs  53.7 L.